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After the initial consultation the model is sent home to do some inspirational homework to assist the artists vision of the piece. this collage is a great example of one way to convey the color and mood you want in your imprint

The the artist will put together an inspiration board, simply as a means to layer texture and possible colors.  then at the time of the imprint session the final ideas are flushed out and the pose is developed to best express the form, essence and shape of the model

The next step is the imprinting session

after this step the models job is complete and the artist then creates a one of a kind portrait  ....

Here is an example of the detail that is used to express the ideas collaborated on in the initial meetings.  The artist may incorporate fabric, feathers, glass, tiles, stone or other materials in combination with the paint to express the unique vision of the final portrait

Over the next 6-8 weeks the piece is completed

Upon completion of the piece the artist frames the work and it is ready for the unveiling

Happy Birthday Vionnette!!!


to purchase your own original bodyimprint you can choose an option below or call for pricing on special projects, mediums and sizes. 

°an artist agreement is given at the initial booking to outline all fees and payment schedule. 

° additional fees apply if the artwork requires shipping, insurance, crating and special delivery requests.

* prices may vary on commissioned work per individual project