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step 1 - practicing the pose.  This is Cameo my favorite model who worked with me on the Playboy TV shoot for Sexcetera

step 2 - the paint is applied to the skin by the artist to achieve the desired effect, which is to expose the body's form and shape through positive and negative space.

step 3 - the model is ready to recreate the pose for the imprint.

once the model is in position, Donna Marie checks the imprint and guides the body to make the perfect stamp.  the model remains relaxed as the artist applies gentle pressure to ensure contact between paint and board.

paint can also be applied while the model is in place to complete the imprint design.

step 4 - the model imprint is complete and it's time to peel up off the board and reveal this amazing  version of the model.

step 5 - the imprinting stage is done and it's time for Cameo to hit the shower.

step 6 - the bodyimprint is now ready for the artist to create the final portrait.  Donna Marie uses the image made with the model as the first layer of the portrait

step 7 - the artist incorporates acrylic paint to define and interpret Cameo and the painting is complete and ready for framing!