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36x48 imprint on embossed mat completed with silver studs and a piece of jewlery that belonged to her grandfather

Oh, DonnaMarie!!!  My feet haven't touched the ground yet and I find myself spending most spare moments sitting in awe of our work together!  You are truly one of the most extraordinary women I have ever had the pleasure of knowing!!   It was so wonderful to see you the other night and I'd love to have a chance to visit and catch up.  Sounds like you've got some amazing things going on ... Love and thanks to you...... DawnMarie

30 x 40 imprint was done on brown and black leather board and embellished with a metal bow

Ann's husband Steve contacted me from the UK to commission this bodyimprint.  We had an awesome time when they came to LA to do the piece!

30 x 40 bodyimprint on damask embossed mat board with paper appliques and a dusting of glitter

Heather did her bodyimprint as a welcome home gift to her husband, who was returning from military duty in Iraq. 

original imprint with the goddess theme boasts 6,000 hand laid glass beads and custom aged quality with tea bags and sepia powder

54" x 80" custom imprint created with the use individually cut silk & embroidered roses, hand rubbed pastel crayon and acrylic

Donna Marie,
I wanted to thank you for such  a great sitting this past Saturday. It was only a little bit of work for so much fun and such an invigorating experience. The more I look at the pictures Chris took the  more excited and pleased  I
am I chose to do it. Even  though I did very little work,  I'm proud of myself for taking a step towards making peace  with my body by committing it to a canvas. I found the experience incredibly liberating in ways I hadn't imagined. To see a different representation of my body other than the one I see in the mirror was transformative. I highly recommend the process to anyone, especially those who haven't ever been able to see the beauty in their  own body. I can't thank you enough for creating a wonderful environment in which to participate in a personal work of art. (I felt like a kid in a candy store who got away        with the goods.)I can't wait to see the finished product.  thank you very much  vionnette
PS. I'm considering doing this once a decade. ;)

30" x 40" bodyimprint created on black and chrome lace & completed with crushed, colored glass that accent the breast and navel

gina bodyimprint"It's gorgeous, I look great! luv, gina

30" x 40" bodyimprint commission for an anniversary gift to her husband. the sensual curves of the piece were highlighted with spot varnishing and a signature peacock feather.  One of my all time favorite imprints!

Hi Donna Marie!  Tony and I are sooooo excited I had such fun with this painting, thank you for my beautiful, gorgeous painting that I already cherish immensely.   Dani

24" x 36" bodyimprint created on silver acid speckled board and embellished with glitter paint and rhinestone jewels in navel and breasts was a gift for her finance

Donna Marie I love them! I will open my own salon....and we can introduce Portland, Oregon to bodyimprints by Donna Marie.  Thank you, Jennifer

24" x 36" bodyimprint commission for a christmas gift to her husband...the work is highlighted with irridescent arcylics and mosaic glass tile

DM,  WOW is all I can say!! I LOVE it!!! Thank you so much. My husband thinks its fantastic!  Its better than I imagined it would be. You are amazingly talented. Yeah!! I am sooo excited! Thank you so very much, you are awesome I know I am going to have some friends that will want to do this also. Again THANK YOU!!  Love Billie Jo

a gift to herself on her 60th birthday this piece is in progress and shows a woman is beautiful at all ages

30" x 40" bodyimprint gloriously adorned with gold foil treatment and gel

summer ended up doing two imprints for her las vegas home! 

26" x 42" bodyimprint commissioned for as a valentine's day gift to her boyfriend (now husband) the piece is custom blended paint is hues of turquoise and amethyst with silver leaf and glitter

30" x 40" piece commissioned for her bath and dressing room.  Her husband never forgave her for doing the piece while he was out of town!

I remember watching Donna Marie as she painted my body.  She had so much passion as she created my image on a piece of canvas and you get caught up in her energy and love for her art.  I liked the fact that we picked out colors that reflected who I am.  I was truly excited to see the outcome.  The final result was gorgeous.  She captured a part of me I never saw.   I would do 100 more just to see how Donna Marie creates each piece.  They are truly originals.  Lorrie

mary helen








self portrait on wood